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  • Full dashboards to give you project status at glance.
  • Manage project phases, deliverables, tasks, workflows, communications, and file transfers
  • Gain insights on how you use your resources with Time tracking tools.
  • Integrate your project financials with QuickBooks.
  • Powerful project reports and business intelligence And so much more. See all features included

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Is it difficult to implement Frank and get staff to use it correctly?
Frank is an easy, intuitive and enjoyable tool. The PM will find it very useful and team members wonʼt feel any work overloads or extra burdens. Theyʼll receive instructions and report their performance through Frank, while communicating on a daily basis—making everyoneʼs life easier and more productive.
How does Frank streamline communications with both staff and clients?
Frankʼs Communications section allows you to centralize all professional and social interactions: read and reply to e-mails, register topics discussed in each conversation, even wish your co-worker a happy birthday. And you can rest assured that Frank keeps your contacts secure and close to the chest.
Seems like Frank does a lot. Will using this platform put more work on our plates?
Frank doesnʼt require any extra work. It might take a minute to figure out all the functionality, but we can also help with that. In no time, youʼll see increased efficiency and productivity—itʼs a real win-win situation.
Does Frank sit in a cloud?
Yes, Frank is cloud-based and doesnʼt need additional infrastructure such as servers, storage, firewalls, etc.
Whatʼs the upfront investment to install and run Frank?
Thereʼs no initial investment in infrastructure required. All you need is an internet connection and a screen.
How can we see if our projects are hitting the profitability mark?
Frank makes cost loading and billing oh-soeasy, and uses this information to show monthly and general profitability reports.
If an employee decides to leave the company, how does Frank help us prevent the loss of information?
If your team manages all project information through Frank, the data will be centralized in the system, avoiding loss and allowing new members to catch up quickly.
Is Frank good at assigning tasks?
Funny you ask—thatʼs one of Frankʼs specialties. For each project, every team member receives an email with all the necessary information indicated by the PM so they always know whatʼs coming next.
What type of maintenance does Frank require?
You wonʼt need to think about any maintenance, as Frank and its service providers deal with patches, updates, upgrades, monitoring, etc. for you.
Will we need to backup our data?
Amazon backs up your information for you. Frank also performs daily backups of all information. Our team can do an additional back up at your request, for an additional cost.
How does Frank make time tracking quick and painless?
Time tracking is as quick as a click. Plus, you get to see how much time is dedicated to each assigned task. Pretty painless, super efficient.
When billing time comes around, how will we know what to charge each customer?
You can see the status of the different bill orders in the appropriately named Bill Orders section on your console. Every month, the PM will generate an order to indicate precisely what to bill and who to send it to.
What types of HR functions can we expect?
Frank allows you to load staff files, compensation history, personal information, etc. By clicking on the name of any staff member, youʼll find their integrated profile. But, donʼt worry, you can set these files to private so that only assigned people have access.
How does Frank stay secure?
Security within Frank is managed according to profiles. Frank is hosted on Amazon Web Services servers, ensuring security, integrity, availability, backups and access control. Itʼs pretty legit.
Is Frank scalable in terms of storage and people?
Yes, Frank can be scaled both up and down to fit your needs.

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