Sales & Marketing

Manage your marketing & sales process with Frank

Sales & Marketing

Integrate your database, handle, and organize your proposals. Sort out your marketing material online and link it to your website.

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Online Portfolio

Stop wasting time searching for project information when you have a new lead. Keep track of:

  • Project Data.
  • Project Picture.
  • Client feedbacks and testimonial.


Keeping your marketing material up to date is always a challenge. The good news is Frank made it much easier. Use Frank's database to:

  • Keep your marketing information consistent and coherent.
  • Manage and link your online portfolio to your website from Frank.
  • Use your contacts' database to segment your messages.
  • Create and distribute news to your clients.

Centralized Contacts Database

Keeping your business running requires discipline and focus. Frank can help you:

  • Keep all your contacts in one place, fed by every project and every interaction, real-time.
  • Centralize sales, project, and accounting contacts.
  • Access and download your database 24/7.
  • Sort contacts by leads, clients, vendors, consultants, or staff.

Lets us help you understand why frank would be a good fit for your AEC firm.