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or how we were born between T-square Ruler and monitors

Martín Amengual

Martín Amengual - CEO & Founder

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Weʼre All About It

Frank was conceived as the solution to a busy engineer’s problem: a rapidly growing studio that made him waste valuable time buried in admin tasks, rather than spend it with clients or perfecting his craft.

That’s why our team built Frank: to give you a project management platform that shows you the big picture and all the little details in between to help grow your bottom line. In other words, we built Frank to be your right hand man.

You can’t make a puzzle with identical pieces

Our team is a perfect blend of designers, developers, analysist, UX/UI specialists and of course, architects and engineers who know how things work and the challenges our customers face daily. The secret ingredient can’t be disclosed –you'll have to join us first!

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