Project Management

The lifeblood of your firm

Frank helps you to solve Some AEC Project Management Challenges like:

  • Centralizing all projects, tasks and to-dos in one place.
  • Knowing if you have enough resources to complete all of your jobs.
  • Making sure project resources can access critical design documents.
  • Allowing resources to update their tasks and post time.
  • Tracking all problems or issues that come up on a project Knowing if your projects are within budget in real-time.
  • and much more.


One screen that can tell you all you need to know at a glance, so you can:

  • Have a clear picture of where your project is.
  • Turn perceptions into facts.
  • Consistently compare projects.

Basic Project Information

Store and easily access key information about your projects:

  • Project Tech Profile.
  • Key Management Information.
  • Team and contract Data.

Project Directory

Keep a list of everyone involved in the project, available any time, any where.

  • Staff and Contractors.
  • Client contact (Accounting, Technical, Management).
  • Consultant.


Take care of the minutes, and the hours will take care of themselves. Easily look after:

  • Hours spent and hours allocated.
  • Schedule and remaining days.

Real Time Progress

Stop basing your projects' assessment on hours or days. Frank keeps a reliable record of your progress based on:

Phases completion

Track the progress of each Phase separately until their completion and understand your performance step by step:

  • Set start and end date.
  • Automatically track task, hours, billings and collection.
  • Access Phases-based reports.


Track deliverables in a way that is easy to understand. Stop using hours or days to track progress. Use your deliverables register to:

  • Define and communicate what you are planning to deliver.
  • Assess progress individually.
  • Submit and track files delivered.


Tailor your workflow to suit your needs. Avoid re-inventing the wheel every time. Use your worflows to:

  • Set the steps to follow for each type of work you do.
  • Keep a well designed templated linked to each item.
  • Store files for ease of future search and reference.

Centralized Communications

Keep all your project communications in one place:


Messages, automatically integrated with your emails. Centralized all your project communications in one place and:

  • Increase visibility.
  • Foster accountability.
  • Save valuable time when searching.

Project Meeting

Project meetings integrated with time tracking. Meetings are powerful but also can be counterpoductive. Frank will:

  • Help you link meeting schedules to time spent.
  • Distribute agenda and comments.
  • Coordinate meetings onsite with other parties.

Send Invoices

Send invoices for ease of future follow up. You can send invoices in many different ways. Frank can:

  • Keep a log on the project history.
  • Increase accountability.
  • Avoid losing time with endless follow-ups.

Large Files Transfers

Stop Using File Transfer Apps, Share your Projects Easily.

  • Upload and send large projects in a breeze.
  • Leave track of your projects in the project log.
  • Know when your recipients downloaded your files.
  • All your contacts can use the Transfer Center to access all your transfers.

Project Financials

Frank gives you access to project-based financial information, such as:

  • Invoicings.
  • Collections.
  • Expenses, budget and control.
  • Performance indicators.

You can choose to do this: Manually or Automatically integrated with QBO.

Online Portfolio

Stop wasting time searching for project information when you have a new lead. Keep track of:

  • Project Data.
  • Project Picture.
  • Client feedbacks and testimonial.

Track Your RFIs

Don't leave any lose ends. Keep all your RFIs:

  • Linked them to your projects.
  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Cleared and understandable.


Never lose sight of your project's pictures. Frank keeps them safe and available for you to:

  • Boost your sales showing what you can do.
  • See them anytime, anywhere from your cellphone or your PC.
  • Sort images by project to see them in order.
  • Add them from the mobile app.

Lets us help you understand why frank would be a good fit for your AEC firm.