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Business Partners
Business Partners | Client's Console Search for specific client/s, filter and quickly access each one. Export the list to Excel for further work.Close window
Client's Console
Business Partners | Vendor's Console Search specific vendor/s. Filter, quickly access a specific vendor and export the list to Excel for further work. Also rate their performance for future reference. Close window
Vendor's Console
Business Partners | Leads AKA opportunities. Keep them handy and use them for future newsletters. Close window
Business Partners | Contacts Keep all your direct contacts close for future references. Close window
Business Partners | Dashboard Find an interactive, visual summary of ongoing activity with the client. Close window
Marketing | Public Portfolio Keep your project information, key data points and pictures well organized and ready to share with Frank's online portfolio marketing feature. Close window
Public Portfolio
Marketing | Published Projects Keeping your website updated with the projects that matter is no longer a challenge. Here you'll see projects published and manage what goes online. Close window
Published Projects
Projects | Project's Console Trust this powerful search tool to always help you find exactly what you're looking for. Quickly access current or inactive projects. Close window
Project's Console
Projects | Team Use this section to manage all project stakeholders: the client, the consultants and your own staff. This provides a project role for each staff, thus granting access to work on the projects they are assigned to. Close window
Projects | Deliverables Guarantee your professional reliability with a document control system that keeps track of files delivered to clients, consultants or authorities. Close window
Projects | Workflows Management Simple and well thought, this section will help you set up a process, define the documents that go with it, and follow up on every single project, having access to all files when you need them, where you need them. Close window
Workflows Management
Projects | Tasks Give your team an integrated tool that can manage tasks, time spent and budget burnt-rate so you automatically know were you stand. Close window
Projects | Communications Centralize all project related communications linked to each specific project, and stores them forever where they belong. Close window
Projects | Financials Keep a close eye on numbers, let your PM understand where things are and get a timely warning when going off road or having collection problems. Close window
Projects | Contracts USign your contracts, avoid working on projects based on the "word" of your clients, and make sure the key contract issues are turned into manageable parameters. Also store the contract linked to the project so you have it really handly should it be needed. Close window
Projects | Dashboard The days of flying your project blind are over! This dashboard will give you a real-time snapshot to always know where you are and how you are doing, and stay ahead of the game. Close window
Projects | Expenses Management Use this section to classify all types of expense under labor or material, each with their supporting files and manage your budget in detail. Close window
Expenses Management
Task Organizer
Task OrganizerUse this console to see tasks from every different projects all in one place; create and copy tasks and load Time Tracking to tasks directly. Close window
Task Management
Company Docs
Company Docs | Expertise Center Keep your key templates, documents, marketing assets and any relevant information stored and available for everyone. Close window
Expertise Center
Company Docs | Standars and Processes Document everything! A digital backup of every company process is just a click away, within reach of any staff member who's logged in Frank. Close window
Standars and Processes
Company Docs | Company Templates Create a signature workflow and document it for future references. This feature solves the typical problem of creating templates every time a new project is started. Use the same template for similar projects and save time! Close window
Company Templates
Human Capital
Human Capital | Staff Knowing every staff member is essential to create a warm work culture. Keep all your team's profiles stored in this section for your ease of comfort. Close window
Human Capital | Positions Who does what in your firm? Always know each role in your company, and make sure positions are right for each kind of profile. Close window
Human Capital | Payments Have a clear insight of each staff member's rate and fee. Close window
Human Capital | Comissions Monitor bonuses, over time and rewards from here. Close window
Human Capital | Learning Encourage your staff's professional development with this feature. Enhance their know-how and take your staff's performance to the next level. Close window
Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance | Bill Orders Create, visualize and manage your company's bill orders. Close window
Bill Orders
Accounting & Finance | Invoices AUpload and store invoices to keep a straight record of the company cashflow. Close window
Task & Time Tracking
Time Tracking Keep track of the time alloted to each task within a project. Classify tasks according to the department within your firm (Technical, Marketing, Administrative and more) Close window
Time Tracking
Dashboard Observe, analyze and compare between planned time, executed time, billable and non billable. Close window
Reports Keep your staff (and yourself!) accountable for the worked hours and create performance reports instantly ready at your client's request. Close window
Studio Performance Overview Projects portfolio with work progress information, financials and results indicators. Close window
Studio Performance Overview
Project Financials ReportVisualize the project financial results, as well as all data details grouped by Contract/Variation. Also see Bill Orders, Invoices, Expenses, and Account Statement (income/expenditure). Close window
Project Financials Report
Project Time Tracking Report As this feature shows Time Tracking hours recorded by the project team, with results grouped by staff (team), tasks, task types, and deliverables, it enables a more accurate insight of time management. Close window
Project Time Tracking Report
Staff Data Sheet Use this report to keep track of your staff member's professional background, skills, and how many hours they're using for different projects. Close window
Staff Data Sheet
Who Is Who Who is who in the company. Shows a list of all active staff and his/her position Close window
Who Is Who
Project Weekly Time Tracking by Task Type Use this report to review weekly performance by task type. Close window
Project Weekly Time Tracking by Task Type
Project Weekly Time Tracking by Staff This report shows individual staff summary information, and total hours by project. Close window
Project Weekly Time Tracking by Staff
Project Expenses Use this report to compare budgets with expenses and improve similar budgetary futures processes. Close window
Project Expenses

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