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Manage your company as a whole.

Frank is ready to integrate all your information, so you can always be in control.

Frank simplifies the way your team works by improving workflows, task management, communication and time & expense tracking.

Also helps you keep centralized and integrated all project documentation, reports and accounting information.

Powerful Features

for Projects & Studio Management

Project management

Dashboards & Reporting

Look at data any way you like. Get realtime metrics and easy spot problems before the damage is done.

Project management

Project Management

Advanced Project Management features designed to help you save time and organize your projects.

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Project management

Time & Expense Tracking

Once your staff starts adding time to projects in Frank, everyone will gain insights on how they use resources.

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Project management


Control and centralizes the project's invoices and expenses. You can also integrate it with Quickbooks and speed your financials.

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Project management

Sales & Marketing

Manage your clients, leads and vendor. Sort out your marketing material online and link it to your website.

Project management

Human Resources

Set your staff’s profile and your firm’s marketing resumes.

Frank also offer you:


Dealing with multiple teams need a unified access to their pending matters. The task organizer allows to monitor all duties in one place.
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Keep all your project communications in one place and centralize emails, large file tranfers and meetings.


Create budgets, keep your expenses under control, and manage vendor qualifications for your construction projects.


In today's globalized world, Frank can make your documents available for your staff.

Developed for AEC community

A few things that make Frank the best platform for AEC firms.

Project management

Project Phases

Every project goes through stages.
Manage them and keep the project on track since its inception.

Project management

Contractual Deliverables

Send files easily through Frank, keeping everything well organized and knowing exactly the latest distributed version.

Project management

Project Performance

Keep a close eye on your project’s numbers and access industry-specific performance indicators.

Manage your constructions and change the way you build

Project management

Planning and Budget

Set your starting budget so you can always compare with your plan and see how to improve.

Project management

Cost Control

Keep your expenses-budget relation in real-time, detecting deviations early on and act on them.

Project management

Vendor Qualifications

Frank is prepared to help you build. The platform keeps a qualified record of vendors –likely the most critical ingredient in your recipe.

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Know why Frank is for You

Project management

When it comes to working smarter,

Frank's got you covered.


Your information is safe. With a wellthought security key system, keykeepers can assign access to information at will with one click.
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Quickbooks Integration

Simplify your collection process. Don’t let finances ruin your day; manage billing and invoices in one place with QuickBooks.
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Frank hosts all data in Amazon secure data centers in the US and follow application security best practices.

Basic Setup

Set your Company Set up and Project Set up Templates with our technical guidance and tutorial videos.

Complete Onboarding

Accompaniment for the very firts days with Frank, personalized consulting and implementation advisory guide by our technical team.

Frank Management Workshop

Is an holistic and innovative way of understanding and managing AE businesses. Focused on projects, it provides a the framework to architect a better way of working, whilst keeping a clear view on the big picture.


Frank help you deliver projects consistently.

By customizing deliverables, workflows, documents, templates, project phases, and task structures

You can shape Frank to become your right-hand man.

There are a few things we can do to make your experience with Frank unique.

  • Customize Your Portfolio Settings
  • Create and Upoload Your Templates
  • Integrate with Quickbooks Online
  • Develop Your brand assets
  • Create Personalized Reports
  • Import Projects

Lets us help you understand why frank would be a good fit for your AEC firm.