Making the invisible, Visible

Tracking your teams' tasks and time spent is a great way to cast a light over the way you spend your budget.

Frank Collaboration

The Essence is Time

Projects move fast; change does it even faster. With the Frank Management methodology, you will be able to:

  • Establish a framework with project phases.
  • Plan ahead when appropriate.
  • Work nimbly and record your progress.
  • Empower team members and increase accountability.
  • Be ready to respond when an assessment is needed.
Frank Collaboration

Plan and Execute

Every team works in a different way, but they all love Frank because:

  • You can use the weekly view to plan ahead.
  • You can create and assign individual tasks
  • You can add time to a task any time.
  • The dashboard is updated automatically.

Don't miss a beat. Frank is here to help you keep up with the pace.

Frank Collaboration

Collaboration Brings Results

Using an online collaboration platform provides multiple benefits. Here are a few:

  • Never leave open fronts. Enable work in one place and avoid unnecessary emails and chats.
  • Increase accountability, giving everyone visibility on who's doing what.
  • Grow your margins with productivity.
Frank Collaboration

Task Organizer

Teams dealing with multiple teams need a unified access to their pending matters. The task organizer allows them to:

  • Monitor all duties in one place.
  • Track time and report progress.
  • Quickly understand who's doing what.
Frank Collaboration


We can split time into two: money-making time and overhead.

  • Project time.
  • Office time, such as Continuing Education, Meetings, or Special Assignments.
  • Admin time: anything from an interview to a proposal.
  • Leave time for future records.
Frank Collaboration

Make The Invisible, Visible

Once your staff starts adding time to projects in Frank, everyone will gain insights on how they use resources. here are multiple ways to do:

  • Powerful project reports.
  • Staff summary.
  • Business Intelligence: a multi-level viewer to mine for data at will.

Frank is much more than Time Tracking & Tasks Organizer.
It also helps you with

Sales & Marketing

Design & Documentation

Human Resources



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